Organic and natural tasting activation

See, smell, touch and taste European organic products during Organic & Natural Product Expo Dubai’s Super Kitchen live cooking demonstrations. Chef Thomas Gugler, President World Chef’s Association will share his expertise and experience as he brings these EU natural ingredients to life.

06/12/2021 - 08/12/2021

10:00 - 17:00

Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

You will be able to meet Chef Thomas Gugler at 2pm on Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th and at 11am on Wednesday 8th.

Quality products are about more than just taste. In the European Union, food safety is an unwavering priority – from the farmer’s fields to your table. Since 2010, all EU farmers wishing to market their products as organic must label them with the EU organic leaf logo and provide information about where and how the agricultural products were farmed – with strict quality and safety standards in place all along the production and supply chain. The European Union ensures that products maintain their unique character; labels emphasize the safety and quality of these natural and organic products, so you can enjoy European organic and natural food.

Find out more by joining us in the Super Kitchen for free tasting and sampling of the best of EU organic food.

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